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Anatomy of Cartoon Characters - by Michael Paulus

Charlie Brown and Blossom are gonna give me nightmares 

I think Pikachu would give me more nightmares

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crazypersonrandom Question, for Halloween I want to be a punk Disney princess but I don't know which one. If you have any idea please say. Thanks so much! Be awesome, rad, and just crazy!

I personally love punk/ zombie Snow White and Alice. They to me were the most innocent and it’s cool to see them be turned. Making their outfits is not hard, simple patterns. If you go punk, go all out with make up ( if female) or be rad ( if male) or which ever you want. Of Zombie.. Look up some demos on YouTube there’s no shame in it.
Honestly the creeper one would be punk but if you do go all or go home. Do dark make up and bizarre hair. So make fake tattoos draw on wih sharpie then powder on to drawing, use hairspray (spray about 8inchs away) on top, let draw and pat off access powder.
Hope this helps have fun.


can we get an actual Punk Goes Disney album???


My pop punk cover of ‘I Just Can’t Wait to Be King’ from The Lion King!

I hope you like it!! <3


Hey everyone - check out the pop punk cover of ‘Go The Distance’ from Disney’s Hercules i did the other day! 

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